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We protect homes across Birmingham,Alabama  with our innovative technology and custom pest control solutions, by continuously preventing, eliminating, monitoring and excluding.

Our highly trained, state-certified and licensed pest control specialists are armed with in-depth knowledge of Birmingham,Alabama  unique pest control challenges.

We understand what you are dealing with because your local community is our community.

The Pests in Birmingham AL


There are several types of ants. Some of those: Pharaoh Ants, Dark Rover Ant, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants.


4 species pose a threat to your household: American, German, Asian and Eastern cockroaches.


Alabama is home to about 60 different species of mosquitoes. Today, the Asian tiger mosquito is the most common species.


These noisy pests dig tunnels under your grass and destroy shallow roots. They also eat peat, including shoots and roots.


If your climate is suitable for silverfish, just a single female can produce thousands of silverfish at the end of the year.


Native rodents can cause problems for Alabama residents year-round, though it's more common in cooler weather when rodents try to get into indoor spaces in search of a warm place to spend the winter.


Most common ticks in Alabama: Lyme Disease, Rickettsiosis, Tularemia, Anaplasmosis. There is no vaccine for tick-borne diseases, and tick prevention is the best way to prevent these diseases. Call us for information about our tick prevention services.


Hundreds of spider species are found in Alabama. A few of them are dangerous spider species.
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Your home may be the largest investment you will ever make, and our eradicators are committed to providing innovative pest control solutions to protect your home.

With over Birmingham Alabama pest control experience, we’ve learned that pests are active each season and your home needs protection year-round.

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